Bashir Adan
  Pius Adesanmi

  Ibrahim Al-Koni
  Isaac Anyaogu
  Malika Assal
  Ellen Banda-Aaku
  Juliane Okot-Bitek
  Elaine Chiew
  I. Iyi-Eweka Chou
 Elliott Colla
  Funmi Fetto
  Tendai Huchu
  Mamle Kabu
  A. Kourouma  
  K. W. Kgositsile
  Daniel P. Kunene
  Ryan Eric Lamb
  R. Makamane
  M. Makonnen
  Sarah L. Manyika
  Tola Ositelu
  Martin A. Ramos
  Ayo Morocco-Clarke
  S. D. Partington
  Marcia Lynx Qualey
  Marilyn H. Mills
  Mohamed Raïhani
  John Stephen Rae
  Geoff Ryman
  Essia Skhiri
  Christian Uwe
  Zukiswa Wanner
  Precious Williams





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Isoje Iyi-Eweka Chou
Monday Morning...

Isoje Iyi-Eweka Chou

Monday morning in Brooklyn is
Not monday morning in Lagos
But it is close

Ibrahim al-Koni
The Teacher

Ibrahim al-Koni

... freeing the slaves was not easy. They chose to reject freedom and gathered in the plain instead... hurling curses and stones.

Cover Interview
Pius Adesanmi,
The Militant Intellection Complex

Pius Adesanmi

'Public intellection is not a new thing in Africa. The only new dimension is the increasing appropriation of the internet as a space of public intellection'

African Writing No. 11
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Welcome to our eleventh edition.

Ten Questions, Tendai Huchu
Militant Intellection Complex, P. Adesanmi,
Ten Questions, Ellen Banda-Aaku

Sesotho Speakers, Ret'sepile Makamane
Bad Hair Day, Tendai Huchu
The Teacher, Ibrahim al-Koni.
Dodo is Yoruba for Fried Plantain, F. Fetto
Befriending a Lie, Christian Uwe
Invisible Woman, Mamle Kabu
Making Corrections, Bashir Adan
The Wonderful... No. 1 Recliner, E. Chiew

Malika Assal
Ayọdèlé Morocco-Clarke
Stephen John Rae
Isoje Iyi-Eweka Chou, Monday morning..
Isaac Anyaogu
Ryan Eric Lamb
Essia Skhiri
Magdalawit Makonnen, Wheat on Grass

Author for Sale, Sarah Ladipo Manyika
A Brief Word on Poetry, K.W. Kgositsile
Know your Classics
PlaceNames, Martin Ramos

My Son is a Story, Juliane Okot-Bitek
Why do I need brains? I have a Teacher!

How to Euthanise a Cactus, S.D.P.
2nd Book Syndrome, Tola Ositelu
A View from the North, Marcia Lynx Qualey
The Rock at the Centre of my Heart, D.K.
Precious; A True Story, Tola Ositelu
Books Worth ReReading, Zukiswa Wanner
Comic Heights, Geoff Ryman

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