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African Writing Archives


Cecilia Ferreira
Night of Callous Thrust
It was the best day of her life, but she could not forget another 'red-letter-day'. Joy Isi Bewaji's flash fiction
Poems from South African writer Arja Salafranca
Finding the River's Source
Cameroonian writer, Kangsen Wakai explores a childhood addiction
Anita's Cross
13-year-old Anita's mother had just died at Ghandi Hospital. It was the least of her problems. A Hajira Amla story

Five Poems for Women
Poetry for the fairer sex from Nigeria's Richard Ugbede Ali

Tade Ipadeola on Fiditi; African writers introduce their favourite towns in our introspective column on emotional geography.
Cruising the Nile with Agatha Christie
On a recent visit to Cairo, Isabella Morris revisits the haunts of an unrepentant Egyptologist

Time is running out for a mother and son separated by crystal meth addiction. A story from Australian resident, Marion Grammer
Talking across Borders
Ando Yeva reviews 2009 collections from poets Amatoritsero Ede and Remi Raji.

Tolu Ogunlesi

We are all Africans
Tolu Ogunlesi on Pan-Africanism from Adichie to Crater Lake workshops

2010 Submissions Deadlines

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Welcome to No. 8.

Copenhagen & the Cult of Appetite
's editorial on the entrenched philosophies behind the climate change controversies

Tayari Jone

Nii Ayikwei Parkes
Petina Gappah

The Rogue Son
Abdifatah Shafat, with a Kenyan story of a muted Somali rebellion...
You in Paradise
Misantrophy and xenophobia in Novuyo Tshuma's prize-winning short story
Voice of the Gods
Dango Mkandawire, with a short story of teenage abduction in a caste-bound kingdom
The Last Storyteller
An itinerant entertainer's final performance; from Nigerian writer, Sola Osofisan
Four Poems
Mdika Nick Tembo with 4 Malawian poems

A non-liberal History of Zimbabwe
Mthulisi Mathuthu attempts to reclaim the Zimbabwean narrative...

The Fall of Phiri Bombai
Phiri took Abe's promotion very badly indeed... An off-beat short story from Chuma Nwokolo

Book Received

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Literature according to Africa
Abd AlHai   Return to Sinnar
Sudanese writer, Mustafa Adam with a new translation of compatriot, Abd Al-Hai's, classic poem on Exile
The Burden
It is deja vu for Tumirai as his brother disappears in Zimbabwe. Farai Madzimbamuto's short story
An Australian View
A reader responds to Adaobi Nwaubani's I Do Not Come to you by Chance

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, with a 'love triangle' that crosses borders
The Joys of Manhood
They were on a long trek to the new king of Buganda, but the minds of the men were on Bulls and Heifers... a Jennifer Makumbi tale
Naked Lady
An American expatriate makes an unforgettable encounter in an Ethiopian University. Short story by Timothy Spence

Stirring Ashes
A new translation from the Arabic of a Darfuri story by Sudanese writer, Yousif Izzat Al-Mahri

Tales by Conversation:
Have you missed an episode? Current edition and links to back issues

Cross Country
A road-trip short story from Zimbabwe's Emmanuel Sigauke

White is for Witching
Tola Ositelu reviews Helen Oyeyemi's book

Grace Kim
Dancing with Bones
Grace Kim makes a case for an African Classic; Boubacar Boris Diop's Murambi Book of Bones
Three Poems
From Lola Shoneyin, author of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives


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