Bashir Adan
  Pius Adesanmi

  Ibrahim Al-Koni
  Isaac Anyaogu
  Malika Assal
  Ellen Banda-Aaku
  Juliane Okot-Bitek
  Elaine Chiew
  I. Iyi-Eweka Chou
 Funmi Fetto
  Tendai Huchu
  Mamle Kabu
  A. Kourouma  
  K. W. Kgositsile
  Daniel P. Kunene
  Ryan Eric Lamb
  R. Makamane
  M. Makonnen
  Sarah L. Manyika
  Tola Ositelu
  Martin A. Ramos
  Ayo Morocco-Clarke
  S. D. Partington
  Marcia Lynx Qualey
  Marilyn H. Mills
  Mohamed Raïhani
  John Stephen Rae
  Geoff Ryman
  Essia Skhiri
  Christian Uwe
  Zukiswa Wanner
  Anita P. Williams





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Zino Asalor
Zino Asalor

I give you a look
You smile, rising

You smile at me
I rise, dreaming
Only of lying down
Jackee Batanda

Jackee Batanda

‘Will you like to talk about this?’
You nod and the words come gushing out. She takes notes. She recommends that you need to take the day off. It is a Friday.

Cover Interview
Pius Adesanmi, on the Militant Intellection Complex
Chris Okigbo

told me the loveliest story
of Okigbo’s seduction of
her in the 1950s. She of
course swore me to silence.'

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Welcome to 11;    African Writing Prize for Flash Fiction

Sesotho Speakers, Ret'sepile Makamane
Bad Hair Day, Tendai Huchu
The Teacher, Ibrahim Al-Koni.
Dod i's Yoruba for Fried Plantain, Funmi Fetto
Befriending a Lie, Christian Uwe
Invisible Woman, Mamle Kabu
Making Corrections, Bashir Adan
The Wonderful,
Amazing, No. 1 Recliner, Elaine Chiew.

Ato ;
Obi NwakanQuaysonma, (cover; excerpt)
Bryony Rheam

News: in new partnership with Manchester University.

Zino Asalor, Three Poems
Danielle Taana Smith, Hide and Seek
Annette Quarcopoome, 31-Word Poems
Ovo Adagha, Fade
Fungai Machirori, Collapse
Ipelo, Untitled
J.K.S. Makokha, Tongues of Flame
Mandy Mitchell, Four Poems
Stephen Derwent Partington, Three Poems
Forecasting the Death of Fiction
, Brian Chikwava
No Longer at Ease in Antwerp, Han Schippers.
Footing with the Ancestors, Andie Miller
Knowing your Classics
PlaceNames: Kolahun, Vamba Sherif
Good thing about falling to Rock-Bottom... THE ACADEMY
Christopher Anyoku
“Past is prologue”: English, Metafiction and the Postcolonial Condition in Karen King-Aribisala’s The Hangman’s Game
Peter W. Vakunta: Aporia: Ngugi’s Fatalistic Logic of the Unassailable Position of Indigenous Languages in African Literature

A Fine Madness
Strength in What Remains
African Roar
Dreams in a Time of War



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